Understanding a Streetwise Pocket Stun Gun and Its Functions

Understanding a Streetwise Pocket Stun Gun and Its Functions

It is hard to live a life wherein you always have to worry about your own safety and protection. Life gets even harder when you have stalkers or perhaps enemies who want every piece of your body. Threats, assault and other criminal offenses increase tension in our society. There seems to be no escape from all of these wrongful acts that are currently rising from time to time.

Criminals and other harmful elements in the society do not feel afraid of what they could end up once they are caught by police officers. They just do not realize how it feels like to be stuck up in jail for how many years or perhaps to pay for the bail. Long time ago, the method of punishing criminals was very brutal. Criminals have to suffer, to sacrifice and have to lose something as a result of what they have done. But right now, they seem to be very confident that they do not feel afraid of facing the law. Sad to say, everything can be processed by the use of money and power.

In this world having the abundance of criminals, we should not be very confident from walking alone, travelling alone or perhaps going home late at night. Great danger is at stake once we do this and we are putting our life in misery. It will be helpful if we own a non lethal self defense weapon in our pockets for our protection.

Having a self defense weapon is really a great big help at this point in time. Stunning devices as they are called are helpful and are reliable devices in our day to day living. You can choose from a wide variety of stunning devices that are available in the market. One very common type if self defense weapon is the streetwise pocket stun gun.

The streetwise pocket stun gun is known for its genuine and outstanding performance. Of course, any stun gun in the market that you can come across has their own uniqueness and style. From the name itself, it can be placed in pockets, purses and to even the smallest areas like in your car where you can safely hide the device. When it comes to convenience and your own safety, you can also place them in holsters or perhaps you can just clip the device in your belts or in your pockets.

You can only imagine the fast immobilization or stunning effects it can bring once it is in use as this device can hold and store up to a million volts provided of course that you have placed batteries that can run for a long period of time. It is powered by a 9V battery and you can purchase these type of battery in your nearest shopping marts. Since this is already a modernized world, you can already purchase batteries that can be recharged as well. No need to worry on running out of battery life.

Another thing that makes this type of stun gun unique is the ability of the device to not work once it is taken away from you. A disable pin is attached to the device and once the attacker takes the device away from you, the disable pin will be pull out and thus preventing the device from functioning.

You can always rely on any form of self defense weapons. They are unique in their own ways and it is up to you as to which device is convenient for your use. Just make sure of course that you know how to operate the device and have sufficient knowledge about the device.

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